Staying Safe and good habits list

There’s been loads of information going round about how to stay safe and the things we should and should not be doing just now.  These are some which come from (to the best of my knowledge) from reliable and credible sources.

  • Black light photos showing the importance of washing hands for a reasonable length of time from the Independent newspaper
  • Just in case you haven’t seen the viral ‘black soap’ video yet – here it is from Harjinder Singh Kukreja on Twitter
  • Prof. Lucy Rodgers demonstrating effectiveness of washing with soap using oil and pepper
  • And the Science of Soap including a comparison with hand-sanitiser
  • When singing two verses of ‘Happy Birthday’ to ensure you are washing your hands for two minutes, why not sing it TO someone real. Let Ludogogy know if it is your birthday so that I can let our readers know so they can to sing to you all day, while they keep themselves safe.
  • Covid-19 Symptom tracker. Self-report daily to help slow the spread of the disease with this app developed at St Guys and St Thomas

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