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Generous offers of help, discounted services and expertise to help you get the best from your new working circumstances during the Coronavirus crisis.

  • Mohsin Memom “A free one month access to our online game based learning platform that you can use for your clients to convert many of your classroom programs into digital gamified ones”. Posted 23/3/20
  • Aaron Peters “I’m currently offering a free consultation to any organization who needs guidance on transforming their organization to fully digital”.  Posted 25/3/2020
  • Mark Webb will be holding small-business Masterminds on Tuesday and Thursdays (Mark is based in the UK)  He will post Zoom links in LinkedIn Ongoing
  • Paul Walker, who is an expert in employee experience and organisational change is offering FREE consulting services for any company that puts people over profit and does not fire employees during the economic downturn caused by COVID-19  Posted 24/3/20
  • New and returning readers will receive a two-month free subscription to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, which has a library stocked with more than a million free titles.
  • Loom Pro, a screen recording platform, is removing the recording limit on its free plan through July 1.
  • Jamm, a video call platform, is allowing free access to its program for four months.
  • Humu, a company that specializes in encouraging productivity within remote workforces, is providing free nudges (short, scientifically backed email suggestions to help you work from home) during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • LinkedIn is offering free business development courses through LinkedIn Learning that are centered on remote working.
  • Although some of these offers might require affiliation with an educational establishment, and so might not be suitable for commercial learning providers, they will be great for Universities, teachers and schools.


  1. Here are two amazing offers by companies:

    Vincit California – Free Digitalization & Ecommerce Roadmap
    Struggling small businesses can apply and receive a customized ecommerce strategy, design & technical advice and free 1 on 1’s with ecommerce developers
    Apply here:

    Sparkhouse – Free Promotional Video
    Free promotional videos for small shops to get important information out to their community and how people can currently access their valuable products & services.

    Apply here:

    These services are something that struggling businesses would really benefit from and I know these companies are looking to help as many peoples as possible.

    Think they’d be great to add to your COVID-19 resources list.

    • Thanks Jason, for posting these links. I am sure they will be really useful to our readers. I’ve already posted your Sparkhouse offer, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it twice 🙂

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