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This is the meta game (a game for designing games) which Terry Pearce and Sarah Le-Fevre put together for a session for 2020.

It generates ‘briefs’ either by presenting four random cards, or by allowing you to choose cards from a list. These briefs are designed to stimulate ideas and dicscussion around designing games. The cards therefore  present a theme, desired outcomes, learning or games design ideas and theories, and toys or mechanisms.

At the moment this game is set up with a list of themes, which are ‘wicked problems’, such as Climate change.  As the game is implemented as an Excel spreadsheet, the card contents are merely lists in a sheet, referenced by VBA code which allows you to reference specific cards or randomise your choice, turn over cards which have two sides and so on.

Once you have downloaded the game, feel free to amend the lists to suit your purposes, but I wouldn’t recommennd playing with the code unless you at least a little VBA (a good opportunity to learn maybe). If you are going to share or demo the game, we would appreciate you referencing Ludogogy – and of course – let us know if any killer game ideas come out of the sessions when you use it. Drop us a line at


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