Each month we are going to take an in-depth look at on particular aspect of Ludogogy.

This might be a theory or framework, an approach, technique or even a particular product or game.

This page shows current and past ‘Focus on…’ posts, and you can view this month’s focus in the current issue.

Please get in touch  at info@ludogogy.co.uk if you have an idea that would be suitable for this feature using ‘focus’ in your subject line.

Focus on...

Men playing chess Focus on… Aesthetics by Ludogogy - There are a number of frameworks which can be used when designing games for learning.  One that was specifically designed to address the particular challenges of designing games for learning is the  Design, Play, Experience (DPE) model.  Design Play and Experience are further sub-divided into four layers- Storytelling, Learning, Gameplay and User Experience. This model itself grew out of an… [...]
Empathy Focus on… Empathy by Ludogogy - This month’s theme invites to think about others, or perhaps more specifically ‘the other’. To consider ‘Diversity’ we must first think about ourselves; how we are the same as others, and how we differ from them. Many of the articles you will read are about how difference has been a divisive force, leading to worsened life chances for some and… [...]
Hero's journey structure Focus on… Narrative Structures by Ludogogy - Ordinary World – What was the situation before the journey began? Joseph Campbell was born in White Plains, New York in 1904 into an upper-middle-class Irish Catholic family. His father was a hosiery importer and wholesaler. While he was still a child his family moved to New Rochelle, New York. Call to Adventure – What were the triggers which started… [...]
Prisoners dilemma Focus on… Game Theory by Ludogogy - Game theory is the study of mathematical models of strategic interaction among rational decision-makers. The ‘toy games’ which are a feature of this study are used in fields like economics, social sciences and in theories of conflict. Game theory originated in the study of zero-sum games. In these games, the gains or losses of each participant are balanced by the gains or… [...]
Child motivated to play piano Focus on… Motivation Theories by Ludogogy - With regard to motivation, many often regard 'intrinsic' motivation as being 'internal' - from within. They similarly conflate 'extrinsic' with 'external' rewards. The truth is somewhat more complex. According to Ryan and Deci, intrinsic motivation can relate to either internal or external causes, and the same is true of extrinsic motivation. For example, a student can practise to play the… [...]
Focus on… Lego Serious Play by Simon Dutton - So, what is LEGO® Serious Play® and what does it do? There are usually three typical responses I get when I mention, in response to the question “what do you do?” and I’ve replied, “I’m a LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator.” There’s the person who thinks they’ve experienced LEGO Serious Play: “Oh, yeah – I’ve done that – we had to… [...]