Ludogogy has entered into an agreement with Gamification Journal, based in Seoul, South Korea, for the mutual exchange of articles. This is the first of those articles we are publishing and it was in exchange [...]

Fired Up Fiero

This article was originally published at UniversityXP and is re-published in Ludogogy by permission of the author. Have you experienced that feeling of triumph before? The one you get from completing a really difficult level [...]

Win States in Games to Keep Players Playing

For some, it is about winning, yet for others, it is the zeal to learn the process and ponder over the experience and mistakes and the takeaways from it. Regardless of whichever group you belong [...]

How victory conditions frame play

What we can learn from games that go beyond racing for points or position There are two ways to win most games (AKA Victory conditions). Either reach a certain goal first (get a number of [...]

The Effects of Win/Loss States on Learning

Most games are designed as zero-sum. Where one side wins and the other inevitably loses. But we all know that life is far from zero-sum.

Die Trying – Learning through Failure in Games

In other words, learners have to feel secure and brave enough to lose. What's the best way to create flexible, emotional resilience to making mistakes?


Most Behavioural skills, leadership competencies, organisational values, and so on, are pure common sense. And even if a concept is new, understanding them doesn’t require higher intelligence. So, any learning initiative that is aimed at [...]

The Collaborative-Competitive Paradox of Self-Gamification

In my first self-motivational game, the 5 Minute Perseverance Game, I pursued a project or activity of my choice for five minutes a day and recorded my score

Winning is Overrated (in Educational Games)

Do educational games need winners? You probably know about the benefits of educational games, but may feel strongly about the need for winning outcomes.