Gameful Habits book cover

Review of Gameful Habits

Victoria Ichizli-Bartels is the author of numerous books on different facets of her ‘Self-Gamification’ approach to turning one’s life into games – for enjoyment, motivation and achievement. Using a combination of Kaizen (small continuous improvements), […]

Evivve screenshot

Review of Evivve

Memcorp calls Evivve a MOGL, a multiplayer online game-based learning platform. It’s a mobile-based game for up to ten players, played in a learning environment with a facilitator. If you want to experience it for […]

Emotify cover
Book Review

Book Review – Emotify!

‘Emotify!’ covers a lot of ground. It starts by making its (virtually watertight) case for game-based learning over lectures (or anything akin to them), and taking an illuminating tour through the landscape of game-based learning. […]