Men playing chess

Focus on… Aesthetics

There are a number of frameworks which can be used when designing games for learning.  One that was specifically designed to address the particular challenges of designing games for learning is the  Design, Play, Experience […]


Focus on… Empathy

This month’s theme invites to think about others, or perhaps more specifically ‘the other’. To consider ‘Diversity’ we must first think about ourselves; how we are the same as others, and how we differ from […]

Prisoners dilemma

Focus on… Game Theory

Game theory is the study of mathematical models of strategic interaction among rational decision-makers. The ‘toy games’ which are a feature of this study are used in fields like economics, social sciences and in theories of […]

Child motivated to play piano

Focus on… Motivation Theories

With regard to motivation, many often regard ‘intrinsic’ motivation as being ‘internal’ – from within. They similarly conflate ‘extrinsic’ with ‘external’ rewards. The truth is somewhat more complex. According to Ryan and Deci, intrinsic motivation […]