Ask the Expert – Assessment Challenge

Examination room
Image by Thomas Galvez from Flickr with thanks

When I advertised this feature on LinkedIn, I very rapidly got a response from Rodrigo Borgia, by email.

Rodrigo BorgiaI am sure that Rodrigo was not thinking about the image that goes with this post, when he asked his question about assessment. I am equally sure that many of you reading this will remember the horror of the examination room – all that time pressure and silence! There has to be a better way. And playful is always the better way, right, Ludogogers?

Rodrigo’s question, in his own words is:

I would like to explore what type of games and or gamification can be used for assessments, specifically on soft skills like communication, negotiation, innovation, adapt to change, teamwork, etc.

So, let’s get thinking creatively, and post some responses here about games we already know of, or, even better, do create something of your own for the Downloads feature.

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