Ludogogy’s readership is made up of gameful design specialists at all stages of their careers, as well as people who want to use the services of these professionals

Like most forms of design, when we are researching, hypothesising, prototyping and testing, we are trying to solve a specific problem, either for ourselves or for a client.

This feature of Ludogogy provides a space to exercise those problem solving muscles, to show off our design chops, or to seek answers to knotty design problems. Ludogogy invites you all to participate, either by setting a challenge, or by posting your advice, answers and solutions.

Each month, a challenge will be set – or maybe more than one – by our readers, and the responses will appear as they are posted.  Simple responses can be posted in the comments section, but feel free to send other formats for more expanded responses by email (pdfs, videos, audio files will all work). Let us know if we can add them to the Downloads page.

Ask for whatever you wish when you send a challenge – advice, recommendations, even draft design. Get your challenges to us, at by the first Sunday of the month of publication, so see your challenge in the next issue.

Later, we will also be looking at more in-depth design competitions, with sponsorship and prizes.. If you are interested in posing a question, and/or sponsoring a competition, please get in touch at using ‘ask the expert’ or ‘competition’ in your subject line.


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