A neologism – the art, science or profession of facilitating learning through play or games

Welcome to Ludogogy Magazine

This magazine relies on the generosity of its contributors who have committed time and effort to creating articles for us. I am sure that you will enjoy reading what they have created as much as I have. Please see our Contributors’ page to see details of and links to our contributors’ work.

– Sarah Le-Fevre (Editor)

Since the last issue

As you may have seen via my LinkedIn posts, I am making some changes to Ludogogy, to make it an even more useful resource for both readers and contributors. The main change is that we will be moving away from an issues-based format to publishing posts regularly – around three posts a week. This will mean that are going to more articles for you to enjoy – about 100% more.

Since it started, Ludogogy has mainly published posts from theorists and practitioners in the games-based learning and gamification fields, and I certainly want to continue that tradition.

So, with that in mind, although we won’t be putting out bi-monthly themed issues any more, we are going to keep the themes, just because they give people a starting point for thinking about what they might write. If you want to write for Ludogogy, you can, of course, write on anything you like related to games-based learning, gamification and gameful design

…OR you can choose to write on the prevailing theme for the month, aiming to get your submission in before the last submission date for inclusion during the month. Themes coming up in the next few months can be seen in the Submission Guidelines.

What this means in practice, is that during any particular month there will be ‘general’ posts but there will also be a prevailing flavour.  Let’s suck it and see how it works down the line.

We are now accepting submissions for the following themes:

  • March ‘Co-creation’ – last submission date 27th Feb – The challenges and joys inherent in working with others to create games and learning. Working with / creating briefs for other professionals. Co-creating with clients and players. Games which are created as they are played. The role of the designer and the player in co-creating experiences etc.
  • April ‘Quests’– last submission date 27th March– The Quest structure as a format for creating learning journeys. Designing purpose and values into Games-based learning. Role playing games. The pros and cons of character development. Questing systems e.g Powered by the Apocalypse, FATE etc.

Contact info@ludogogy.co.uk for either submissions, or for any other suggestions, questions, or even to just have a chat.

Stay at a sensible distance, Stay Safe, Stay Playful