A neologism – the art, science or profession of facilitating learning through play or games

Welcome to Ludogogy Magazine

This magazine relies on the generosity of its contributors who have committed time and effort to creating articles for us. I am sure that you will enjoy reading what they have created as much as I have. Please see our Contributors’ page to see details of and links to our contributors’ work.

– Sarah Le-Fevre (Editor)

New in this issue

Just the day after the previous issue of Ludogogy was published, your editor had the opportunity to speak at the 5eme Colloque International Game Evolution – about my experience of running Ludogogy over the last year and a bit. You can see the whole playlist here.  The first part is where my talk is (I’m the second speaker after Natalia Wojtowicz, who contributed to Ludogogy’s Wargames Issue).  Most of the talks are in French, but both Natalia and I speak in English.

Much, much earlier in the year, I was asked by Guy Bloom to come to talk on his podcast ‘Leadership BITES’. This was a great opportunity to address his (Leadership) audience, many of whom are not familiar with games-based learning, and go through some of those ‘objections’ that we often face.

You can listen to my episode here, but bear in mind that some of the projects mentioned have moved on since recording, given the lag between that and the episode going out.

One of this month’s contributors, Eduardo Nunes is looking for collaborators to move his educational game, Liber Domus, to the next stage. Teachers, and other curriculum experts working with children in all grades and subjects are invited to connect with him and work with him on the next stages of development – subscriptions to the game offered to collaborators in return for their help. The current version of the game is in Portuguese, but he is looking to expand the geographic reach of the game – so if you work in this field in the UK, US – or other countries, get in touch with Eduardo.

Read more about the game and find contact details here.

September’s issue is going to be all about prototyping and playtesting, so it seems like a good time to be inviting you to run sessions to push your games design goals forward. So if you want to recruit some other Ludogogy readers to your game jam, playtest or just a session to demonstrate your game, we’d love to facilitate that, and create a recording which you can use as you want afterwards. Interested? Drop me a line at info@ludogogy.co.uk

We are now accepting submissions for the following themes:

  • Issue 13 (September) ‘Make or Break’ – deadline 29 August – Two really important aspects of designing games are prototyping and playtesting. What are the do’s and don’ts, prototyping frameworks, stories of playtests that went well, or went awry. Maybe we’ll even run a few live playtests.
  • Issue 14 (November) ‘Economics’ – deadline 31 October – The intricacies of designing and implementing in-game economies, creating value ‘sources’ and ‘sinks’ in gamification applications, using games for learning about real-world economies, different economic models or ideas e.g. Doughnut Economics, Triple Bottom Line, as implemented in games etc.

Contact info@ludogogy.co.uk for either submissions, or to express an interest in becoming involved in the Ludogogy revamp project.

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