A neologism – the art, science or profession of facilitating learning through play or games

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This magazine relies on the generosity of its contributors who have committed time and effort to creating articles for us to. I am sure that you will enjoy reading what they have created as much as I have. Please see our Contributors’ page to see details of and links to our contributors’ work.

– Sarah Le-Fevre (Editor)

Latest update on plans for Ludogogy!

The Ludogogy update is still underway, but has stalled a little over the past weeks, because of other exciting opportunities that came along, that were too good to miss.

In the past few weeks, Ludogogy has been involved in running a metagame for Spiel Educators’ Day which you can see at https://youtu.be/orjYC0Np_Q0 and a later one with participants at https://youtu.be/JFKwrG_jd0g, and chairing two panels on Games and Climate Change which you can see at https://youtu.be/Y-PxglPI4cY.

Out of the Climate Change Panel came an exciting games design initiative, looking at designing a new game to address various aspects of the climate crisis, lack of knowledge, knowing how to live more sustainably and coping with feelings of powerlessness.  Look out for more updates on that soon.                          

There has also been talk of collaboration on writing articles based on what came out of the panels.  One of the next pieces of work on the update is to create a platform to make this kind of collaborative work, on both games and writing, easier for members of the Ludogogy community. Look out for news on that soon!

Before the next issue comes out, I will reprising my panel chairing role at Gamification Europe on the 23rd November, guiding a discussion around how games can help us to address some of the wicked problems in learning itself, such as managing the move from classroom to online, how we can ensure access to learning for disadvantaged groups, and how we can remedy the issue that e-learning is generally a bit sh*t.

There will also be a TEDx event TEDxWallingford, part of TEDxCountdown – a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the Climate Crisis. Some of the panellists and attendees from the Climate Change Panel will be speakers at that event on the 11th December.

Nevertheless, the update is still very much on my mind and the survey to discover your views is still open. I would be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete the short survey below.


We are now accepting submissions for the following themes:

  • Issue 9 (January) ‘Systems Thinking’– deadline 27 December – How can games be used for systems learning? In what ways can games be seen, and designed, as systems? What does systems thinking bring to the practice of learning, and games, design? etc.
  • Issue 10 (March) ‘Futurism’ – deadline 28 February – Designing games to look to the future? What does the future of games-based learning hold? How can games help us to practise foresight? etc.

Contact info@ludogogy.co.uk for either submissions, or to express an interest in becoming involved in the Ludogogy revamp project.

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