A neologism – the art, science or profession of facilitating learning through play or games

Welcome to Ludogogy Magazine

This magazine relies on the generosity of its contributors who have committed time and effort to creating articles for us to. I am sure that you will enjoy reading what they have created as much as I have. Please see our Contributors’ page to see details of and links to our contributors’ work.

– Sarah Le-Fevre (Editor)

Latest update on plans for Ludogogy!

I mentioned last month that Ludogogy would be undergoing some major changes, in order to be able to offer the greatest value to its readers and contributors. One of the very first steps in this transformation is to discover what value means to you. Aside from the magazine, we hope to offer resources, tools and inspiration to help you with professional development and business development, as well as extending our remit into the area of advocacy for games-based learning generally, and into exploring (through research and collaborative action) where games-based learning, gamification and gameful design will go next.

To discover what shape this should all take, we are asking you, our audience, and we would be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete the short survey below.


The other major bit of news is that the magazine aspect of Ludogogy will be published bi-monthly from now on. The revamping work will take up a lot of bandwidth, and once it is done, the new platform will have many more working parts which will need to be tended to. This means that the next issue of Ludogogy ‘The Wargames Issue’ will be published in November. Please see the submission guidelines for full details of upcoming themes and new deadlines.

We are now accepting submissions for the following themes:

  • Issue 8 (November) ‘The Wargames Issue’– deadline 25 October – In the broadest sense, how wargames (or their design principles) can be used both for defense applications, and for civilian / business applications too.
  • Issue 9 (January) ‘Systems Thinking’– deadline 27 December – How can games be used for systems learning? In what ways can games be seen, and designed, as systems? What does systems thinking bring to the practice of learning, and games, design? etc.

Contact info@ludogogy.co.uk for either submissions, or to express an interest in becoming involved in the Ludogogy revamp project.

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