A neologism – the art, science or profession of facilitating learning through play or games

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This magazine relies on the generosity of its contributors who have committed time and effort to creating articles for us. I am sure that you will enjoy reading what they have created as much as I have. Please see our Contributors’ page to see details of and links to our contributors’ work.

– Sarah Le-Fevre (Editor)

Since the last issue

One of the main things that Ludogogy is about is sharing what colleagues are up to and publicising new games and other interesting projects.

As part of our Prototyping & Playtesting week, regular Ludogogy contributor Terry Pearce of Untold Play gave a demo of his new product, the Transform Deck – here it is on YouTube. You can read my review of it at https://www.ludogogy.co.uk/review-of-transform-deck/

The deck launched via www.untoldplay.com on Oct 28. It’s a practical tool to inspire learning designers to transform learning content into engaging activities. Distilled and curated from twenty years of learning design experience, each card is a way to take content and transform it into a different kind of activity. The deck includes 45 activity types in five suits, together with seven instruction cards detailing new ways to combine, lay out, and play with the cards to transform your learning.

Another one of Ludogogy’s besties, Erik Agudelo, took the plunge this month and launched his amazing Toolbox 4 Creativity (TB4C) on Kickstarter. Games-based learning is at last taking its rightful place at the heart, and the cutting edge, of Learning and Development, and Erik’s idea takes this one step further – using games design itself as a vehicle to achieve deep learning in complex topics.

He’s previously written several articles for Ludogogy about the power of games in learning https://www.ludogogy.co.uk/author/eagudelo/ and at the end of last year, he took the time to speak at TEDxWallingford – about the very idea which he has now developed into this great product. http://www.tedxwallingford.co.uk/talks1/

His ToolBox 4 Creativity is an awesome idea – which will be all over the place in the near future – it’s the next logical step in the growth of games-based learning. Make sure you are in at the start.

So come on Ludogogy – Let’s get this sucker funded!!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/playlearndevelop/toolbox-4-creativity-learning-through-game-development

We are now accepting submissions for the following themes:

  • Issue 15 (January) ‘Winning’ – deadline 26 December – Designing ‘win-states’ in games to keep players playing, competition vs cooperation (or balancing the two), designing and implementing scoring systems, the psychological/pedagogical implications of winning (or losing) in learning games, how different player types ‘win’ etc.
  • Issue 16 (March) ‘Co-creation’ – deadline 20 February – The challenges and joys inherent in working with others to create games and learning. Working with / creating briefs for other professionals. Co-creating with clients and players. Games which are created as they are played. The role of the designer and the player in co-creating experiences etc.

Contact info@ludogogy.co.uk for either submissions, or for any other suggestions, questions, or even to just have a chat.

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